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New Build, Miltown, Dublin 14

FJB Construction constructed this detached house with 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 3 reception rooms and an attic study over 4 months. The brief included all aspects of the build including demolition of an existing extension on the site, ground work and all fittings and fixtures.

You can follow the progress of work from start to finish in the photo diary of build to the right of this page.

What Does the Client Think?

Client TestimonialFintan introduced new ideas, like the placement of the ensuites, because I wanted to fit in an extra ensuite. And he was the one who came up with the idea to put a room in the attic. That was a great idea, it adds a whole extra room in the house.

I was certainly very happy with the finished product. For example, there was a problem with some tiles on the very front of the house that he spotted and came back in his own time and repaired. I didn't have to call him, he happened to be passing the house and he noticed some tiles were crooked, I never had to point out problems. Fintan is aware he has to keep a reputation, which is very good.

The biggest benefit of using FJB Construction Ltd was that from start to finish everything was looked after. He did the bit of demolition and he pulled the foundations. Everything, if you like, was his problem. It wasn't as though I had to go and find my own plasterers, carpenters, electricians or plumbers, which some builders will do; so their prices look great. Fintan looked after it all from start to finish, which was great.

My favorite part of using FJB Construction was the ease in which the project was finished, to be able to literally hand him the plans and say, give me a price on that, he went off and came back with the price after about ten days. There was a little bit of fine-tuning, just so as I understood exactly what he had priced me for. It was the ease of management and the transparency of it; that was the best part of it.

I would recommend FJB Construction Ltd to others, I plan to do a similar project in the future and I would use Fintan straight away. He is honest and he is upright, if he has a problem he will talk to you, he'll say, here's a problem and here's what we should do about it. A problem shared is a problem halved.Client Testimonial

Martin Cosgrave
Milltown, Dublin 14

Additional Information

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Photo Diary of Build

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