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Client TestimonialThe project ran great, better than I could have hoped to be honest with you and Fintan was able to complete the project ahead of schedule. Fintan is definitely into doing a good job and there would be things that I wouldn't spot that he would be anxious to get right. I'm very happy with the quality of the work.

One thing I really liked about Fintan was that if I needed to reach him he always called me straight back. The longest I ever had to wait was five minutes. There was always great communication so I knew what he was doing and what was going on. It really suited me down to the ground. I would recommend FJB Construction to others and actually have done.Client Testimonial

Eamonn Curran
Dublin 15

Client TestimonialFintan introduced new ideas, like the placement of the ensuites, because I wanted to fit in an extra ensuite. And he was the one who came up with the idea to put a room in the attic. That was a great idea, it adds a whole extra room in the house.

I was certainly very happy with the finished product. For example, there was a problem with some tiles on the very front of the house that he spotted and came back in his own time and repaired. I didn't have to call him, he happened to be passing the house and he noticed some tiles were crooked, I never had to point out problems. Fintan is aware he has to keep a reputation, which is very good.

The biggest benefit of using FJB Construction Ltd was that from start to finish everything was looked after. He did the bit of demolition and he pulled the foundations. Everything, if you like, was his problem. It wasn't as though I had to go and find my own plasterers, carpenters, electricians or plumbers, which some builders will do; so their prices look great. Fintan looked after it all from start to finish, which was great.

My favorite part of using FJB Construction was the ease in which the project was finished, to be able to literally hand him the plans and say, give me a price on that, he went off and came back with the price after about ten days. There was a little bit of fine-tuning, just so as I understood exactly what he had priced me for. It was the ease of management and the transparency of it; that was the best part of it.

I would recommend FJB Construction Ltd to others, I plan to do a similar project in the future and I would use Fintan straight away. He is honest and he is upright, if he has a problem he will talk to you, he'll say, here's a problem and here's what we should do about it. A problem shared is a problem halved.Client Testimonial

Martin Cosgrave
Milltown, Dublin 14

Client TestimonialFJB Construction was able to design and build a roof that was even nicer than what the architect had originally planned for, it was brilliant. Fintan's absolutely brilliant, top class! He was bang on budget and bang on time, in fact Fintan was able to complete the work two days early. Everyone Fintan brought in to work were brilliant as well. We were able to go off, let them in the house and know that everything would be done correctly.

We were living in the house during the project and if we ever needed them to stop for a few hours or days, it was never a problem. They worked around our schedule.

With Fintan in charge I had no worries, I just knew it would be done right. He brought a confidence to the project. There were no hassles at all and I never had to chase Fintan down for anything. I always knew were I stood and how the project was progressing.

The new extension matched the existing look of the house exactly. It doesn't look like a separate job at all, it looks like it came with the house. We're in the house five years now and Fintan went off for a couple of days and chased down the original builders to source the same materials they had used when they built the house, it was brilliant. That just shows the type of small attention to detail that Fintan brought to the job.

If I ever have a need of a builder I'm going back to Fintan and I'll recommend him to anyone else as well.Client Testimonial

Weslie O'Neill
Blanchardstown, Dublin 15

Client TestimonialWhat I liked about Fintan was that he didn't respond like Pavlov's dog and mindlessly do the work. when Fintan saw possibilities and opportunities, he would very gently make suggestions and leave the final decision to us.

Fintan came up with good ideas for the colour of the house and was able to put another press in the kitchen we hadn't thought of. Fintan's cabinet making expertise allowed him to use the kitchen space very well. We had a fireplace that I thought was well past its time but Fintan thought that it could be rejuvenated and it was. It's aesthetically very attractive and appropriate to the room.

The project ran excellently. We gave Fintan a job to do and he did it wonderfully. Fintan was very good to deal with, easy to talk to and has wonderful people skills. I've had experiences in the past where you feel almost ambushed by a trademens personality, some are pushy and others are patronising. Fintan on the other hand is completely straight and everything is clear.

The biggest benefit to you of using FJB Construction Ltd would have to be Fintan's utter competence and reliability. Before the work even started we were impressed with the detailed and itemized quotation he put together. We knew exactly where we stood.

Fintan put together a very attractive, comfortable, and functional house. Fintan's building and cabinet making skills are marvelous. I couldn't recommend Fintan more strongly. He's a good guy, a hard worker, imaginative and he has wonderful people skills. We were very happy with him.Client Testimonial

Brian Bohill
Walkinstown, Dublin 12

Client TestimonialFintan made good suggestions on the size of the Velux windows in the kitchen. He also gave us different roofing options and other practical advice.

The project ran really well. We were very pleased with the end result and the final extension came in on budget. It looks really good. Fintan was easy to work with and to discuss the build with. They also cleaned up every day after themselves. He made good suggestions but the decisions were always up to us.

We're very happy with the quality of the work and the finished result. I really like the three velux windows and the recess roof lighting that were installed and the recess roof lighting. They bring a lot of light into the kitchen and it really makes a big difference. I would definitely recommend FJB Construction Ltd to others.Client Testimonial

Grainne Kealy
Clonsilla, Dublin 15

Client TestimonialFJB Construction came highly recommended to us from a work colleague of my wife. We met up with Fintan, spoke to him about what we wanted and also had the opportunity to see work that he had carried out for somebody else. Having discussed the project with Fintan, we felt that he was in fact the right person for the job. He came across as very reliable and responsible.

Timewise everything went well because Fintan didn't overpromise an early completion. He scheduled the work to last about four weeks and he was able to finish in just under that time. Fintan was very good at keeping us advised and on top of what was going on. There were no surprises and we always knew where things stood. At the end of the project we were very pleased with the workmanship.

The biggest benefit of using FJB Construction for me was that Fintan always kept in touch with us and he was always accessible. If we ever had any concerns, we voiced them to Fintan and he would always take care of it.

I would happily recommend FJB Construction to anyone. Fintan did exactly what he said he would do, he did it on time, on budget and we're very happy with the result. I'm happy that Fintan was recommended to us.Client Testimonial

 Vincent McNally
Dublin 15

Client TestimonialFJB Construction built an extension for us and did all of the plastering, electrical and plumbing that was needed. They also did a good job preparing the interior for the new kitchen which was installed by a furniture company.

I saw a sign for Fintan in the neighbourhood where he was doing some work and then I looked him up online and read reviews about the company. I chose Fintan to do the work because I liked his manner and approach.

We had nothing specific in mind other than the fact that we wanted to use the yard to extend the kitchen. We gave a few of our ideas to Fintan and he suggested getting an architect involved which we did. She drew up plans and Fintan built to the specifications.

The project ran excellently, I couldn't have picked a better builder. The tradesmen he used were very good and Fintan's attention to detail was incredible. The job was completed ahead of schedule and we're very happy with how everything turned out.

The biggest benefit was Fintan's reliability and his attention to detail. I would recommend FJB Construction to others.Client Testimonial

 Kevin O'Callaghan
Castleknock, Dublin 15

Client TestimonialBefore FJB Construction Ltd started work It was a very run down 70's house. We doubled the footprint on the ground floor and redesigned the front facade. We put on a large open plan living area, remodelled the existing to include playroom, utility, toilet and incorporated extra storage- cloakroom and larder. The house had an extremely poor energy rating and so had to be insulated, re-plumbed, rewired to achieve an energy efficient home.

We had a clear idea of what we wanted. Niamh is an Interior Architect and had designed the space. Fintan was able to provide options on how best to achieve this considering cost, durability, sustainability. He was very constructive, very can-do. We were very happy with everything, to be honest. Fintan asked us about our expectations up front and he was pretty confident that he would be able to deliver on them.

Open and honest communication was at the core of everything. Fintan's a good communicator and he was able to keep us abreast of things. We saw we could trust Fintan from early on, and that made everything a lot easier. In terms of workmanship, Fintan is very competent and very conscientious. We consider ourselves to be fussy but Fintan's own snag showed his attention to detail and a real pride in his work. He pointed out things we probably would never have noticed- something never to be undervalued.

Fintan helped us source other trades too, and everyone he recommended we were very happy with. It's a semi-detached house and Fintan was very good too at handling anything which would impact the neighbours.

Fintan is very straight - there are no agendas. We never felt we had to "manage" him or the process. It was very collaborative. Fintan was doing his best for us and we were trying to help him.

I would recommend FJB construction to others without hesitation. You often hear people saying on completing a build project " we did it and we're happy but never again". We would work with Fintan again in the morning! Fintan's quote was as keen as anyone. And being local, he's invested in the job and his reputation too. Meetings were easy to arrange, and Fintan reviewed progress and planning with us regularly. That made for a good relationship.Client Testimonial

 Niall Lavery
Castleknock, Dublin 15

Client TestimonialIt was easy to choose Fintan. We knew his family already but we were also aware that his work was excellent and that he only employed the best tradespeople. In addition to those reasons, Fintan was also recommended to us from someone who had used him before.

My wife knew exactly what she wanted and I was happy to go along with her to keep the peace! Fintan took that information, left and came back with several drawings based on those ideas. We made a few alterations, chose one and went ahead. There was no architect needed for this project.

Fintan arranged for all the tradespeople himself and from the guys who put in the foundation to the plasterers, electricians, plumbers and carpenters, everyone was first rate. We were also happy with how smooth the work was carried out. Fintan and his team would arrive every morning at 7:30 and work until 6:00 or 7:00 o'clock every evening. When necessary to stay on schedule, they were even willing to work weekends.

Fintan's reliability and flexibility was the biggest benefit of using FJB Construction. Those two things were very important to me because I work very unsociable hours. If I came in at 5:30 in the morning from work, I could ask Fintan to lay off the hammering, drilling or sawing until a particular time of day. Fintan never had a problem with that and was in fact very accommodating. Another benefit in employing Fintan was that the job was completed on schedule and on budget.

I would like to also point out the complete trustworthiness of the people Fintan employs. I never had any worries about leaving them in the house to carry out their work. I have absolutely no problem in recommending Fintan.Client Testimonial

 John Finnegan

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